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Monday, February 09, 2004 AD

Dan, my drinking/gambling/sacrilegious buddy, you have brought me out of seclusion for a moment. (I have other drinking/gambling/sacrilegious buddies out there… They have been kidnapped by aliens. Yes, Tim and Ryan, I’m talking about you and I’ll talk about you all another time.):

You, know, I can take a lot of shit… But calling me a frenchman. That is low. You have forced me out of my drunken stupor and come out of hibernation.

Forgive my cynicism and skepticism. Sometimes, this has been hard for my wife to understand . It has been formed from mainly my encounters with stupid people in my new in-laws, military and government (all parties), liberal people in higher ed and church, and most recently, union and being laid off bullshit from Cessna. Dan, you also know I would be the first to say, "Fuck the French!" I can't stand them. They're french! My wife calls, me an "equal opportunity discriminator." All I am saying is Iraq war should have been postponed until more evidence and more countries jumped on board. I am no frenchman. I am a Terribly Dark Swede, (some people in Lindsborg, KS, and Bethany College actually believe this.)

There’s good in the above history, but that’s for another time. I am so horrible: I love it sometimes… I heard on the radio about a demotivator website: http://www.despair.com

My hot wife and very intelligent wife (she has the wisdom of Princess Lea) is blogging at: http://editedcopy.blogspot.com/

I need to figure out how to create links. But I have more important shit to do…Number Theory (MA615), Analytical Mechanics (PHYS621), Radiography and Eddy Current methods and Macro Econ. I love all of them.

I was looking over a few articles about Toyota and NASCAR. (By the way, last year was the first year that Toyota outsold more trucks than "american" companies. I'm impressed.) I, being biased and prejudiced, love Toyotas, if I haven't made that evident. They haven't been infected with union bullshit thinking and they have the "kaizen" (it's Japanese for: continuous improvement) built in their thinking. From what I read, Dan, NASCAR complaints have been directed at Toyota's powerplant, ("It has more horsepower than ours"...whaaa, no fair, my pussy hurts, etc.). Toyota actually had to tone it down. (Sound familiar? US can only import "toned down" cars like the Toyota Supra (Celica) and Mitsubishi Lancer (my wife's previous car was this, the Oz Rally Race Car Edition.. (this fact doesn't change my thinking about her parents) Matter of fact Supras can't even be shipped over here any more! Because the basic package it still too fast. {american car lovers: whaaa, no fair, my pussy hurts, etc.) Another popular one, "Let's keep it red, white and blue." or American-only bullshit. That kind of thinking not only makes me sick, but infects the thinking of "free spirit" "competition" "competitiveness" and every idea that used to be "American". Finally, Dan, when Toyota announced it's experiment into aviation, it scared the shit out of the small plane makers like Cessna, Raytheon and Learjet. Toyota (by the principles of the free market), another idea americans tend to forget, hired one of the best aerospace pioneers in the world to lead their aviation venture: Burt Rutan. And from what I read Toyota is doing it again, by recruiting another giant in industry. Through all the rhetoric, american automakers are just plain chicken shit scared.

Josh, man, you should have gotten a Mac (unix system). This is actually her computer.

To come…
…why Glocks are the best guns to own.
….why women drive men crazy (a piss poor attempt will be made to explain this sociological phenomena)
….why Boeing and Aeroflot should team up to defeat the fucking french, Airbus.



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