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Monday, March 22, 2004 AD

Dawn of the Dead -
Michael: we need to think of a way to fortify this place …

At Immanuel Lutheran (Evangelical) Church, after Divine Service, Pastor Hoger teaches Sunday School. So far, in the course of almost four years, we have covered "OT", "NT", and "Luke to Luther". We will be wrapping up "Luther to LCMS" in the near future. It is this little portion of the class I share:

Claus Harms (1778-1855), Lutheran apologist against rationalism and the Prussian Union (unionism & ecumenism). He was troubled by these teachings but still captive to it when, according to his own account, the following occured:

A friend said to me in a lecture, "I have received a book that is just right for you. I cannot make anything of it, but tell me what you think about it later on. It was Schleiermacher's Discourse on Religion. I went home with this book under my arm. It was Saturday afternoon and soon left word that I did not wish to be disturbed. I read far into the night, and Sunday morning I began to read it from the beginning, read all morning, and began to read again after dinner. I felt as though two screws were turned in my temples.

At this point I laid the book aside and walked around the little city of Kiel. I took the “lonesome path” – the path of the “quiet ones” on the city, and it was during this walk that all at once I recognized that all Rationalism, all, self knowledge, and all self-doing are meaningless and amount to nothing in the work of salvation. The realization that our salvation must have another source struck me like lightning. If this seems mysterious or mystical to anyone, that this story is a myth or a fantasy, let him think so. I cannot express it anymore clearly. But I consider this to be the moment when my higher life was born – more correctly, the hour when my old Adam died as far as his knowledge of divine matters was concerned.

When Schleiermacher’s sermons appeared in print, how eagerly I had reached for them! And, oh, how mistaken I had been! He who had conceived me had not bread for me.

Harms’ 95 (OK only a portion) Theses are next post!

…CJ: You need to drink a tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up.



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