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Tuesday, March 23, 2004 AD

Professor Bruttenholm: There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers....

Harms’ Theses (Selected):

1. When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ says, “Repent,” he wants people to conform themselves to his teaching. He does not conform his teaching to them, as is now the custom in accord with the changed spirit of the age.
3. Under the concept of an ongoing Reformation, as it is now understood, Lutheranism has been reformed into paganism, and Christianity is reformed out of this world
21. The forgiveness of sins at least cost money in the sixteenth century. In the nineteenth it is complete free – every person grants it to himself.
42-43. The relationship between so-called natural religion to revealed religion is the same as that between nothing and something… When reason lays its hands on religion, it throws away the pearls and plays with the shells.
51. We also consider the words of our revealed religion to be holy in their original tongue, not as a dress that can be taken off of religion, but rather as its body, in union with which it has life.
72. The Catholic Church may as well celebrate the Reformation with us, as has been demanded; for as far as the dominant faith of the Church goes; it is just as Lutheran as we are.
75. They want to make the Lutheran Church rich by an act of intercourse, as if she were some poor hired girl. Just don’t consummate the act over Luther’s bones, or that will bring them back to life, and then – woe to you! (Erica read this one in class, www.editedcopy.blogspot.com)
77-78. To say that time has removed the wall of separation between Lutheran and Reformed is not to speak correctly. The question is, who has fallen away from the faith of their church – the Lutherans or the Reformed? Or both? If the body and blood of Jesus Christ were present in the bread and wine at the Marburg Colloquy in 1529, this is still true in 1817.

Finally – the big one!

2-4. The Evangelical Catholic Church is a glorious church. It holds to, and establishes itself primarily on, the Sacrament. The Evangelical Reformed Church is a glorious church. It holds to, and establishes itself primarily on, the Word of God. More glorious than both is the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It holds to, and establishes itself on, both the Sacrament and the Word of God.

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