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Sunday, April 11, 2004 AD

"If on your journey you shall encounter god..."

One antidote to the Pussification to the American Man:

BARBER SHOPS TEACH BOYS TO BE MEN by Dennis Pearce (from the Wichita Eagle)

The boy who doesn’t get his hair cut in a real barbershop misses out on a part of the basic training of being a man.

The barbershop is where boys get to learn the good stuff. It is where they see the male community for what it is.

Harold’s Classic Barber Shop on Main Street was a probably a lot like most others. There was a row of chairs with plastic covers and chrome handles along the wall. Behind the barber chairs was a long mirror running about halfway down the shop. The smell was a heady mix of hair cream, tobacco smoke and men.

At Harold’s you got your hair cut; you didn’t get it styled.

The trendy phrase for what goes on in a barbershop is male bonding. But if you say male bonding in a barbershop, you’ll get laughed at – and you’ll deserve it.

It can get raw. Sometimes the humor is brutal. Sometimes it isn’t a joke. There’s a lot of nitty-gritty involved in becoming a man. There are a lot of power struggles, a lot of soul-searching to decided where we fit in, to decide if that is where we want to stay.

There is also a sense of masculine camaraderie in a barbershop. It has sort of a “Little Rascals,” fraternity house, “no girls allowed” atmosphere. And we like it that way. Someplace away from their mothers, boys must learn what is expected of them.

Boys’ illusions drop away when they realize that the men they respect are just men after all, that they have the same strengths and weaknesses of any other man they are around.

Unlike a tavern, there are no age limits at a barbershop. But when you’re young, you know instinctively to keep your mouth shut and you little pitcher ears open.

It is exhilarating day when you are finally grown up or accomplished enough to be listened to and taken seriously in the barbershop’s company of men. You’ve made your bones; you’ve been accepted as one of the men in the tribe.

"...god will be cut."



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