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Sunday, April 11, 2004 AD

"When there is no room in Hell..."

So have you seen the dead? The Dawn of the Dead?

Why I love the sci-fi and slasher/horror movies is they demonstrate the sinful nature of man in picture form. They demonstrate man at his worst. This sinful nature is DEAD and even scarier than the zombies of the movie. Sometimes they are blatant; othertimes they are subtle. So have you seen the dead?

The U.S. is a picture oriented society, and I enjoy this. This society desires that books have to be movies. They have to move - be in motion or else you lose the interest - like a little kid. This is sad. If you do a presentation (read "sermon") you had better be using Power Point lest you lose the congregation, so say the Church Growth fools. It IS God who makes the church grow/shrink.

"... the dead will walk the Earth."



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