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Sunday, May 23, 2004 AD

No bark, not even bite...

...usually Dan the Geologist keeps us updated on the LCMS politics via CAT41. The new hymnal is a subject to such news. Here's a copy of the final changes (e-mail) or click the blue chess king picture to go to my one of my alternate sites, Swedish Coffee. Apparently the commision in point 5 of the e-mail has decided to omit this statement in the final version of our new hymnal: In the rite of Holy Matrimony, the words "and thus avoid sexual immorality" are removed.

I found this disturbing because it seems that this commision wants to condone "living together" or "sleeping together", or the whatever the f_ck you want to call it. It's wrong! It should have never been removed. It should still be condemned.

It reminds me of another Lutheran buddy. He and his non-Lutheran wife decided to "live together" before they got married. A lot of rationalizing their behavior occured. They even claimed that they were "married in the eyes of God". They were eventually married by Wish-I-Was-A-Pastor in Kansas City. When they starting coming back to the ULC, they noticed there was a lot less tension toward them. It was because, frankly, they were NOT living in sin anymore by "living together".

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