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Saturday, May 08, 2004 AD

Not that most of you could come...

But you're invited to attend Lectures on Lutheranism 2004 "Faith, Dignity and Decorum in Worship and Life" which will be next Saturday and Sunday 15&16MAY2004 at Christ Lutheran, Hutchinson, KS (Kung Fu Master preaches here). This is a seminar by Pastor (Dr.) Burnell F. Eckardt Jr., editor-in-chief of Gottesdienst(Kung Fu Master), a quarterly journal of the Evagelical-Lutheran Liturgy. It is set to explore the relationship between the importance of the Christian liturgy and the life of the Christian in the world.

This is much to the chagrin of Tim the Theologian of Glory, Wish-I-Was-A-Pastor of St. Andrews Lutheran, Wichita, KS (Weak Kung Fu taught by a Weak Kung Fu Master - Wish-I-Was-A-Pastor communes here), Holy Cross Lutheran, Wichita, KS (Weak Kung Fu taught here as well but by two weak Kung Fu Masters - cannot break culturalism), Risen Savior Lutheran, Wichita, KS (Weak Kung Fu taught here by a Weak Kung Fu Master - cannot break culturalism) and any other fool(s) that still hold to comtemporary worship bullshit.

My wife and I plan on attending. We hope to get more to come.

Here's the low-down:

Saturday -
1230 Divine Service (Pr. Brockman, Kung Fu Master)
1400 Dr. Eckardt
1500 Break
1530 Dr. Eckardt
1630 Vespers (Pr. Watford, Kung Fu Master)
1720 Supper at the parsonage

Sunday -
0900 Bible Class led by Dr. Eckardt
1015 Divine Service (Dr. Eckardt)

- posted by Ron OLSON, the Terrible Swede @



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