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Monday, May 24, 2004 AD

Simple theology...

... to make all the "high and mighty" theology simple just ask: works-righteous or not? Theology of Glory or Theology of Cross? This is very effective and cuts to the point. I've had a college World Religions course [Dr. Bales of Bethany College (ELCA), Lindsborg (Little Sweden), KS] and there is much to learn about other religious systems. Dr. Bales said, at the beginning of class, "All world religions are fundamentally the same and superficially different." I retorted (I am NOT bashful in any environment), "It's the other way around, Dr. Bales: 'All world religions are superficially the same and fundamentally different." That simple question reduces the myriads of world religions down to two.

Apparently our Synod can't "call it like I see it" when it comes to denominations, cults and false religions. That's a (beep)ing redneck phrase I picked up out here in Kansas. Sometimes I think our Synod needs to get a pair.

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