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Tuesday, June 08, 2004 AD

I mowed the lawn of...

...Immanuel “Evangelical” Lutheran, mother LCMS church of Wichita, KS (two Kung Fu Masters preach here) a few weeks ago. A manly activity that I haven’t enjoyed in years, since I moved from a house to an apartment. I lived with my little brother, Jason “Punk” Olson, while I was courting Erica. As I was mowing, I found a cornerstone of our church that said, “Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church.” From now on I am going to insert “Evangelical” back into the Lutheran Churches on my blog and hope Lutheran churches everywhere read this and pull their heads out of their asses. I can’t remember why “evangelical” was removed. Dan, the Geologist (Strong Kung Fu - can break rocks!) OR Random Thoughts of a Confessional Lutheran reminded me that it was probably Pietists. (Beep) pietists! I suspect "evangelical" is another “dirty” word among contemporary worship advocates Lutherans as well.
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