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Wednesday, June 02, 2004 AD

Olson Resolution 666...

...WHEREAS, we members of congregations who have sent their representatives to this convention have a strong Germanic AND Swedish origin and
WHEREAS, these churches often like to hold either pot lucks or picnic's where CASSEROLES are served and
WHEREAS, many congregations do not provide the proper garnishings COFFEE and JELLO)for these events, be it
Resolved, that congregations must include DARK BEER any time BRATS (I was corrected to the correct spelling) or POTATO SAUSAGE or LUTEFISK are served and further be it
Resolved, that any congregation that does not provide DARK BEER shall be voluntarily revoking their membership within this convention and further be it
Resolved, that any member who does not eat POTATO SALAD (Dan, the Geologist (Strong Kung Fu - can break rocks!) favorite) shall be purged from the congregational rolls.



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