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Thursday, June 24, 2004 AD

Some premilitary...

...history of the Terrible Swede. When I was living in colorful Colorado I went through the process of competing for a nomination for the United States Air Force Academy. I had the academics, the sports and the leadership, I just had to nail the congressional interviews with U.S. Senators and Representatives from Colorado. They give you a battery of questions ranging from military ethics to military history. One of the questions was: "If you were an officer and had a POW who had vital information to save your trroops, how would you get that information?" I responded, "I would torture that prisoner to get the information." "Wrong, answer, Mr. Olson. Sorry, that response has disqualified you for the Air Force Academy."

Apparently, there are civilians and military officers who had the "right" response. Whatever! Rumsfeld and whoever else, especially officers, should resign for the tortures! It's complete bullsh_t to say, "Oh, it will affect the morale of the troops." No, it won't. The troops will get the mission done regardless of "feelings".



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