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Tuesday, August 10, 2004 AD

Offering and Full Houses...

From my pastor for full houses (Or here?)…

…Bad excuse for NOT giving an offering – We must buy new shoes for our kids at least once a week! And the mortgage payment, and dance lessons, and the orthodontist, and two college funds. Now if I were single, I could give a lot to church. And if we were both retired with no more child-expenses, we would really be able to help the church. But while we’re right in the middle of raising a family, don’t depend on our offerings! And what if somebody gets laid off?

…Good reason FOR giving an offering – Some people never receive a spouse or else lose one, and many who marry never receive a child. Why are we here – to stay busy and maintain a cash flow? No, we are here as parents to raise our children in the Lord, and be their co-heirs to salvation. That means life spent with our children in the congregation, and as we give we teach them to give. Nothing teaches the need for forgiveness more than being a parent!



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