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Wednesday, August 04, 2004 AD

Speaking of marriages...

...we have this Canadian friend who loved this Lutheran lady friend of ours so much he wanted to be catechised in what Lutherans believe. Here's what happened - I asked her some simple questions before they got married and before he became a Lutheran: "Will you baptize your kids?" "How are you going to bring up your kids?" "Will you attend the same church?", etc.

...we have a Lutheran friend marry a non-Lutheran friend and now we found out they are going to have a baby. Will they baptize this baby? We hope so. This is the difficulty of interdenominational marriages - they may or may not hold the same values, go to a Lutheran church, etc.

...we found this (ELCA) guy marry a non-Christian woman. What's up with that?

...finally, My Tangible Peace, My Unspeakable Joy, My Equal OR the Wisdom and Beauty of Princess Leia (Strong Kung Fu for a girl!) OR Journalistic Jargon OR My Hot Blonde Wife! and I will be celebrating two years at the end of this month. Nice.



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