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Wednesday, November 03, 2004 AD

My impatience...

...at the polls. My Tangible Peace & I went to vote (our citizen duty) last night. Our registration cards said that our polling place was supposed to be at the Army National Guard's armory. We get there and a sign is on the door to go to another place to vote, they were too busy recruiting young minds of mush. Some sargent even asked us, "Are the doors locked?" "No, Ma'am, we're here to vote." "Oh." She (don't even get me started on that one) thought we were there to join the Army - that would be certainly the last thing we would do. No consideration for citizens wanting to vote, just consideration for citizens wanting to die.

Anyway, my wife and I get to the new voting place, and I see the same system they've used in the past: Micro-Vote. Not impressed. There's a fairly long line (it's about 1745). They only had three machines running. My impatience grows. I immediately start looking for a chair for my wife, so she could sit down. Found one - I was ready to make it mobile for Erica, if I had to but there were several chairs and I didn't have to use plan B or plan C. Oh, yeah, the State of Kansas, only gives you 5 minutes to vote - to make one of the most important decisions in your life, so the line is moving. We see, as we are waiting in line, some familiar faces. One of them, likes to pretend he's blind. He uses the stick & walking dog but at the bread store he likes to stare at my wife. He ain't blind! He's a dumbass & I'll kick his ass. Finally, I realized, as we got closer & closer to vote, Micro-Vote, doesn't make their system very handicap friendly. Shit, will they let my wife vote sitting down? Erica tells me she'll be fine. Now, I'll be fine.

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