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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 AD

WTF is that red ribbon on Google?...

...It's for World AIDS Day. Now in my pre-Erica days I would say nasty things about homosexuals and those with AIDS. One time when we were courting, we went to a function when she was working for the Sedgwick County Health Department (she had to do a report on World AIDS Day). There we were in a liberal Jewish synagogue in the midst of maybe a hundred people with AIDS. Was I freaked out. "Please don't touch me" to "Touch me or Erica and I will kick your 'consummating' ass" was pulsing through my brain. It was there I saw the innocents. Those were the little babies, little children. They had to suffer the consequences of their parents. Or worse those who got the disease from blood transfusions - not the druggies though! My eyes were opened that evening. Too bad it had to end horribly. I started noticing the gays and lesbos first holding hands and then kissing. I had had enough! I told Erica, "Get whatever info you need now. We're leaving."

She has enhanced my pathetic life.

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