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Sunday, January 30, 2005 AD

Lutherans are Evangelicals

Lutherans are Evangelicals
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I would highly recommend Dr. Veith's (Strong Kung-Fu) book SPIRITUALITY of the CROSS. Its subtitle is The Way of the First Evagelicals.

Why does he say this? What does this mean?

In the section "The Original Evagelicals", Dr. Veith says:

A better term for "Lutheran" spirituality is "evangelical" spirituality. The term "evangelical" is simply a term derived from the Greek word for "Gospel", which in turn literally means "good news." "Evangelical" means someone who focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news that Christ, through His death and resurrection, has won forgiveness for sinful human beings and offers salvation as a free gift.
Today the term "evagelical" is used to refer to a wide variety of more-or-less conservative Protestants...
In the years following the Reformation, "evagelicals" were those who followed Luther, as opposed to "reformed," who followed Calvin...
Even today in Europe, churches that follow a Lutheran theology call themselves not "Lutherans" - a term Luther himself hated - but "Evangelical."...
Though others are entitled to call themselves "evangelicals," Lutherans are at least the first evangelicals.

The side picture of this blog jumps to my home church where some true evagelicals are.



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