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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 AD

My applications...

...to graduate from this place were approved yesterday. I'm so happy. I'll get an Associate of Science in Mathematics AND I'll get an Associate of Applied Science in Non-Destructive Testing. It's been a long two years.

Speaking of two years, this March two years ago, was when I received my final notice of being laid-off from Cessna Aircraft Co. I would never wish this for anyone, not even my enemies. Losing your job involuntarily sucks - big time. It "consummates" with your head to no end. My wife, family, good friends, our church and beer have helped me through this event.

Now, maybe things will improve, and if I'm able to I may be able to get my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics this Christmas from this place or this place. We'll see.

BTW, just to show you how nerdy I am, I may get something from the Community College of the Air Force in Avionics. :)



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