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Tuesday, March 08, 2005 AD

A prayer request...

...most of you know that I have been unemployed for two years this month. With that in mind, I share this:

Dear Family & Friends,

Once again, I ask for your prayer for another job interview.

I have an interview with the director of where I work part-time - this Thursday (10MAR2005) at 1000.

The lab will hold off hiring me full-time until mid-May. This was my request - I did not want to do my math classes over again or cut into the middle of my school semester.

I have approached Dr. XXXXX three times (over almost two years) and asked for full-time employment. Now he's asking me.

Here's the kicker: last week, FIVE (5 or V or the prime between 3 and 7), people quit in the lab. Why? It pretty boils down to management and pay. Dr. XXXXX didn't want to pay to keep them and XXXXXXX the Manager (the 23 yr old doctoral candidate is too inexperienced with aviation and people). Cessna and Boeing pay a lot better and have better management skills as well.

I also now have the advantage: I actually fulfill the position requirements for the technicians they seek (when I get my two Associate degrees this May), I have plenty of aircraft experience (this August will be 13 years!), and I have licenses from the FAA and FCC. None of the technicians they have (or had) fulfilled these requirements. Completing my bachelors (Christmas 2005?) - not a requirement for technicians - is just icing on the cake now.

Thank you.



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