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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 AD

Pastor Paul McCain (Kung Fu Master) of Cyberbrethren

...shares some wisdom WRT gnosticism or "secret knowledge."

The Devil is creative, that's for sure. If he can not steal away people from the Faith by getting them to reject it, or ignore it, or otherwise disregard it, he will plant in their minds the idea that there is really something MORE out there. Wait a minute....creative? Nope, just a variation on his classic trick of bait and switch. "If you eat this...you shall be like God!" In other words, there IS something more out there and God is keeping you from it. How dare He? What kind of God is He who would keep you from what will REALLY satisfy.
And so we have in recent years had a spate of speculation about the "Hidden Gospels." One scholar, Elaine Pagels, has made a mint on fobbing off the so called "missing Gospels" on an uneducated and ignorant public. The DaVinci Code novel has captivated people with its suggestions of Christ's marriage, hidden secrets and so forth. All this is nothing more, or less, than warmed over heresy.
Pastors and churches today need to warn their flocks in no uncertain terms about these things. They are soul-destroying and faith-corrupting errors which, if taken to heart, will result in a person's eternal torment and death in hell fire. It's just that serious.
And now we have yet another one of these trashy books out, "The Lost Message of Jesus"
Dr. Al Mohler (Ni!) has a good column today on this.
Of course, I have the perfect solution to the "confusing" Bible that is lamented by one person in this column. I can give you the solution in two words: Small Catechism.
There is a reason our Lutheran fathers labeled Luther's Small Catechism as the "The Layman's Bible" -- it is a great way to anchor people in the basics of Biblical truth.

All emphasis and inner commentary are mine. :p



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