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Terrible Swede the "Earthy" Lutheran Blog vs The Largest Filipino on Earth vs "The Fluffy"
Doctrinal differences are important to the Lutherans because at the root of every false doctrine is the devil, seeking to destroy the Gospel.

Friday, April 15, 2005 AD


Mr. Incredible
Which Incredibles Character Are You?

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  • What do you know? I'm Mr. Incredible, too! That's kinda scary.

    By Anonymous themrs, at 4/15/2005 10:48 PM  

  • No, what's scary is there were (and still are!) some Lutherans who didn't like what I was saying on my blog and actually threatened to sue me. Yes, Christian suing Christian. They couldn't handle the criticisms and wanted to shut me up. I'm kind of obstinate like that. My wife and Dan, can testify to that. Must be that blue-collar redneck Swedish "Jew" Filipino in me...

    By Blogger The Terrible Swede, at 4/16/2005 11:45 AM  

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