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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 AD

Article III, what does this mean?

WRT this and this:

> Hi Ron,
> Do you know any verses in the bible that supports
> Luther's answer to
> article three? Just curious.
> That we cannot by our own reason or strength believe
> in
> Jesus Christ our Lord, or come to Him; but the Holy
> Ghost
> has called us by the Gospel, enlightened us with His
> gifts,
> sanctified and keeps us in true faith."
> Thanks.

My Lutheran Brother, Poker and Beer Buddy,

This is a great question. It's one of the most
compelling "reasons" that I'm Lutheran today. It is
the 3rd Article of the Creed that discusses our
sanctification WRT God through the 2nd Article.

The specific verses that may help would be:

First Corinthians 2:14
Ephesian 2:1
Romans 8:7
Ephesians 2:8-9
First Corinthian 12:3

More could be found in "Luther's SC with Explanation".
If you don't have yours readily available, I'd be
glad to lend you mine.

This article is pivotal: In my non-Lutheran days, the
emphasis was always on "how-to" live, what to-do and
not-to-do to be a Christian. This was inversion of
the second and third articles! Non-Lutherans and
myself (before becoming Lutheran) confused
justification (2nd Article) and sanctification (3rd
Article) or what we as Lutherans call an imbalance of
Law-and-Gospel. Matter of fact if we follow this
pattern, non-Lutherans would end up with

I'm CCing our Pastor b/c he rocks and could help you
better than I.

Your Lutheran Brother-in-Christ, Poker and Beer Buddy,
Ron Olson, the Terrible Swede



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