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Thursday, May 19, 2005 AD

My Darth Swede site...

...is going crazy with visitors. I wonder why...



  • Check your referral logs. You got linked by this site.

    BTW, just out of interest, on your Darth Swede site, did all those movie stills come from that wierd Star-Wars-as-church-history site I blogged the other day?

    By Blogger John H, at 5/19/2005 8:25 AM  

  • Thanks, John, I noticed that too.

    I believe most of the pics out there on the Web first came from a guy at Slash Dot that sneeked some pictures to the public. His site was quickly taken down the next day but it was too late.

    By Blogger The Terrible Swede, at 5/19/2005 8:49 AM  

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