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Terrible Swede the "Earthy" Lutheran Blog vs The Largest Filipino on Earth vs "The Fluffy"
Doctrinal differences are important to the Lutherans because at the root of every false doctrine is the devil, seeking to destroy the Gospel.

Sunday, June 19, 2005 AD

For Fun...

...The Usual

Name: Ronald R. Olson
Nick names: Ron or "The Terrible Swede" or "Largest Filipino on Earth" or "Brown Round Friend"
Single or taken: Taken by this girl
Eye color: Brown
Shoe size: 9.5 or 10
Glasses or contacts: Contacts
Piercing or Tattoo: None
Birthplace: Olongapo City, Philippine Islands
Current Residence: Wichita, KS
Siblings: One younger sister, 30, another younger sister, 29, and a little brother at 26.

Have You Ever...

Gone skinny dipping? Yes, in the Amazon River in Brazil, South America
Been drunk? No but close
Smoked a cigarette? No but I smoke cigars
Skipped school? Yes
Been rejected? Yes
Been in love? Never.
Used a lighter? Can you say, "Py-ro-man-iac".


School subject: Economics or Statistics
Number: 666
Candy: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter.
Pop: Mt. Dew
Music: Eminem
Radio Station: T-95
TV Show: Angel, Stargate and Stargate Atlantis
TV Channel: Sci-Fi
Beer: Aventinus Eisbock
Color: Blue
Vacation spot: Colorado
Sport to play: Wrestling or chess
Fast food restaurant: Anything that serves dog or cat - roasted
Cartoon character: Most Marvel Universe characters
Name for a boy: Henry Gustav
Name for a girl: Veronica

Do You Prefer...

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Like or love? Love
Scary movies or comedies? Scary movies
Silver or gold? Platinum
Croutons or bacon bits? Mmmm...bacon

Do You Believe In...

Aliens? No
Fun For The Entire Family? No
Freedom Of Speech? Yes

More Random Stuff...

Last movie you saw in the theaters? Mr. and Mrs Smith.
Do you like your middle name? No, it's "consummating" french (ni!) - the kicker: I choose it.
What is the best thing since sliced bread? My Toyota Celica GT, I love that car. (My wife is going to so kick my ass!)



  • So Ron,

    Are you a serious chess player? Have you ever been rated? Played in a tournament?

    I used to. Until I went to a big one in Chicago and a bunch of kids beat me like a rented mule.

    Now I am planning on trying again, this time vicariously through my kids (when they are old enough).
    "BTW, anyone seen Bobby Fischer?"

    By Blogger Preachrboy, at 6/20/2005 2:55 PM  

  • Yes, Pr. Chryst, I am. Never bothered with being rated though I should. I've played in several tournaments and won. Though good in wrestling I am better in chess. It's an overall awesome game.

    By Blogger The Terrible Swede, at 6/20/2005 7:42 PM  

  • If you catch me online sometime and want a quick game - I'd be up for that. My IM program with Yahoo even has a chess game built in.

    By the way, I just tagged you in that book game that's going around.


    By Blogger Preachrboy, at 6/21/2005 2:19 PM  

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