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Doctrinal differences are important to the Lutherans because at the root of every false doctrine is the devil, seeking to destroy the Gospel.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 AD

Rob asked some good questions...

...here are my answers:

What is your definition of orthodoxy?

Anything that is NOT orthodox.

Does orthodoxy exist on this side of heaven?

Of course it does. Any time the Lutheran divine service is being conducted and the sacraments distributed.

Also, in our vocations rightly practiced (we're only in church once a week - and less if we're good Lutherans.)

I am asserting that orthodoxy and confessionalism are the same thing - make it Lutheran orthodoxy or Lutheran confessionalism.

If it doesn't, what does it mean to be a Christian?

If orthodoxy or confessionalism doesn't exist, then we're without hope. It's all for naught.

If it does, are you under orthodox teaching?

Yes, back to the existence question: anytime we receive the sacraments (at church) and our vocations (not at church).

How does a person decide whether or not a teaching/practice is orthodox?

Tough one...

Without getting all circular, a teaching/practice is orthodox if it creates faith alone.

If a person found orthodoxy, how should he handle unorthodoxy?

By correcting it with orthodoxy. Sometimes gently. Sometimes harshly.

How did Jesus handle unorthodoxy among the religious?

Pharisees and Sadducees had one description: brood of vipers.

Again, Jesus did it gently or harshly. Pick your passage.

Are we called to handle it in the same way?

Sometimes. Think of how you were disciplined. How you might discipline Olivia?

That's the art of the Lutheran pastor or the Lutheran parent that I haven't figured out yet. How do I apply a balance of Law and Gospel?

What is the relationship between orthodoxy and unity?

They are directly proportional.

Which is more important?

Orthodoxy/Confessionalism. You never sacrifice truth for unity. Otherwise you get more Benke BS and Oprah Fests.

Assuming orthodoxy exists, is it okay to call unorthodoxy "wrong"?

Yes. MOF, it's a must. You call sin like it is. EX: "Abortion is murder" not "a choice".

Assuming orthodoxy exists, and unity is a goal, how is that goal pursued?

IMO, unity won't come 'til Christ returns.

So what do we do until then? Reference Luther when asked what he would do if the world was going to end, "I'd plant a tree." Wow!

We press on with our lives (mostly humdrum, few times exciting). Receive the Holy Sacraments and do our blessed (and sometimes wretched) vocations.



  • You wrote: I don't share strong words by e-mail. I won't share stong words here or at my blog (at least anymore). The context of my comment was if you were to do that to my wife, I'd give you a warning then if you proceeded with insulting my wife I'd probably kick your ass with no second thought. I'm a 260 pound Filippino who wrestled collegiate and free-style in high and for the Air Force. I placed 14th (out of 100) in a nation-wide shooting competition against a bunch of Jarheads and Grunts. I have no problem kicking ass. I am the Terrible Swede.

    Ron... WOW. I'm struggling to stay on track with this whole disscussion (there are so many places to wander off)... A couple things:

    #1. The comment was not directed toward your or your lovely bride, And therefore, as a brother in Christ, you really had no business voicing your opinion at all, much less because Rob never asked you to. He came to me on his own and we will work it out. according to scripture...

    #2. Email IS a better place for these kinds of discussions; better than a comment thread, anyway.

    #3. I would still love to start a dialogue... eric@robertson-family.org.

    By Anonymous Eric, at 7/01/2005 5:34 PM  

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