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Friday, August 05, 2005 AD

Another Lutheran Site of Interest...

...is Deaf Jesus Dot Org. The center of the web page is the "We Believe." The "About Us" says this:

DeafJesus.org uses RealVideo streaming media technology to offer on-demand and live programs over the Internet. The RealOne player is a plug-in for your Internet browser that allows video and audio to play on your computer without having to wait for long download times. You will need to install the RealOne player for your browser to receive audio/video. We also use QuickTime technology for our devotions, Bible stories, and other resources.

Of course, the best teacher is someone with experience in the field and those with these skills are hard to find.

My wife and I don't agree that it's a true foreign language (she says it is, I don't) it's a ministry that is sometimes overlooked - even by Lutherans! (Lutherans have a rich history with social concerns, to name a few: Lutheran Social Services, Lutherans for Life, and Lutheran Braille Workers.)

My concern when Erica started deaf interpretation was this: Will they teach Lutheran liturgy? Or will she be fighting contemporary hodge podge?

I am happy she pointed "Deaf Jesus" out to me. It has portions of our precious litugy, The Lord's Prayer, the Creeds and other goodies (look in the vocabulary!) that we can learn from.


Check it out!

UPDATE: Apparently it's very overlooked. Also another Lutheran Deaf Ministry is the International Lutheran Deaf Association (ILDA). Wife is part of the Mid-west chapter or MILDA.



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