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Friday, August 19, 2005 AD

Lutherans vs. Eastern Orthodox

Or theology of the cross (Lutheran) vs theology of glory (Orthodox).

I was just informed that KFUO.org (a Lutheran radio site) and Issues, Etc. (a Lutheran radio program) will have an interview between Kung Fu Master Todd Wilken and Father Matusiak of the Orthodox Church of America (OCA) sometime Friday afternoon. Should be interesting. If you haven't been following the dialogue on the Yahoo Group it's OK - there are some catechetical moments. But the EO just remind me of my non-denom charismatic theology of glory work-righteous PAST way of life.

I'll catch it later by MP3 or something. Friday's are busy: work half the day, math class, listen to a guest math professor, mow church lawn, enjoy beer and poker with Dan and friends into Friday evening, watch Stargate late with Erica.

HT: Lutheran-Orthodox Yahoo Group.



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