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Thursday, August 04, 2005 AD

Robots in Disguise...

...apparently today is also the anniversary of The Transformers. (Not the step-up or step-down or iso-.)

Twenty years ago, budding engineers were able to "transform" a simple race car,
semi-truck, tank or more into a foreboding Transformer. They are now back and
stronger than ever, on a quest for Energon, a rare and potent substance that the
Autobot and Decepticon forces continue to battle for control of. There's even a
new comic (scheduled to debut in October) and a live-action feature film
scheduled to be released next year. Check out the site for the new
character bios, build your own transformer or check out the history of the
Generation 1 characters. (You probably have some old characters buried in a
shoebox in the closet!)

Never did care for the Autobots. And the Dinobots were OK. It was the Decepticons that ruled the day - they were fighter jets that transformed into robots! Then it was the Constructicons - they were awesome and they formed Devastator!



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