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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 AD

I Couldn't Take Any More...

...as you may know from the LOML (Love of My Life - thanks Pr. Aardvark for the acronym!) that I was on jury duty and experienced justice as a juror for the first time. (I'll blog more about this later.) There were twelve of us jurors for a criminal trial of theft and burglary - 10 women, 1 girlie man (I had no clue you could get a professorship in Physical Ed!) and me.

During one of the breaks, I usually am reading or doing homework, the ladies of the group start talking. Knowing no boundaries they talked about everything "girlie": dresses, babies, etc. I couldn't take it! I couldn't take it anymore! I asked the bailiff if I could leave after explaining they were talking "girlie" talk and she said yes. So I went into the hallway to read - ahh quiet!



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