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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 AD

Beer 1: Klaster Brewery- Dark Beer - Traditional Czech Beer

Appearance (from light to dark): 4 (1 - 5)
Head - Initial appearance
o Size – (small)
o Virtually none

Head - Color
o Off-white

Head - Lacing
o Fair

Head - Longevity
o Fully diminishing

Body - Clarity
o Clear - flat

Body - Particles
o Size – tiny
o Density - thin
o Bottle conditioned - no

Body - Hue
o dark
o Brown

Aroma (from weakest to strongest): 6 (1 - 10)
o Light
o Caramel

Hoppy - not at all


o Light


o Maple syrup
o Alcohol 4% by volume

Palate (from worst to best): 4 (1 - 5)
o Medium

o Watery

o Soft to flat

Finish - Feel
o Alcoholic - light

Flavor (again from worst to best): 7 (1 - 10)
Initial flavor
o Sweet - light / moderate

Finish - Flavor
o Sweet - light

Finish - Duration
o Short

Overall rating (out of 30, dumbass): 21

Note: This is my first time rating a beer using a checklist. Gotta start sometime.

Website: Yes. Try this!



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