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Saturday, November 19, 2005 AD

More True or False From Good News - A Lutheran Publication

Statement No. 1...
...Jesus' suffering is not fully complete. Christian suffering contributes toward the completion of His suffering, as shown by Paul's statement: "I do my share... in filling up that which is lacking in Christ's afflictions" (Col. 1:24). Answer here.

Statement No. 2...
...Whenever a Christian suffers for any reason, he shares in Jesus' suffering. Answer here.

Statement No. 3...
...God allows His children to suffer, not because His is arbitrary or cruel, but because He is a loving Father. Answer here.

You may find the answers surprising.

The latest issue (No. 23) of Good News is WRT suffering.

Remember this is the publication that picked up Kung Fu Master Schulz after his dismal from the Lutheran Hour because he called Benke/Kieschnick on their BS for the "Oprah Fest" at Yankee Stadium.



  • I don't get it . You're resolving the matter in #1 by claiming that when Paul talks about the sufferings of 'christ' he's equivocating, and doesn't mean by 'christ' what we normally mean.

    You say "Christian suffering makes no contributions at all to the suffering of Christ", but then you say you agree with Paul that Christ must suffer in christian suffering. That's equivocal, and seems to me to supress an important point: that the Body of Christ is the Body of Christ.

    Now the quote from the magazine talks about "Jesus," which muddies matters a bit.

    It also all leaves untouched the point that maybe the sufferings of Christ (which one do I mean, hmmm...) have to ALSO do with other matters than penal substitution. If so, then even Jesus' suffering can be lacking in non-penal aspects.

    By Blogger pduggie, at 11/21/2005 1:46 PM  

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