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Sunday, November 13, 2005 AD

Scaling the Secular City

Scaling the Secular City, originally uploaded by Terrible_Swede.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep it down.

Is Ron promoting a non-Lutheran book?

Holy 'fecal matter'!

What happened to your sectarianism, Ron?

Oh, it's still there, I'm just letting it out just a little bit.

This is a great apologetics book by J.P. Moreland. I can't figure out what type of Christian he is but oh well.

His book covers: the cosmological argument, the design argument, God and the Argument from Mind, God and the Meaning of Life (he may be a secret Monty Python fan - who knows?), the historicity of the New Testament, the Resurrection of Jesus, Science and Christianity, and Four Final Issues.

It's a good book and it's of course better than any Purpose Driven BS by Warren.



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