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Monday, November 14, 2005 AD

A Survey...

Amor et Labor provided this quiz, followed by reasons for compiling it. Respondents are to put an E next to those issues for which they would Die, a BE next to those items for which they would Divide, and an A next to those items that are okay to Disagree about. Then they are to add other issues to the list as necessary, post, and let the author know.

  • Trinity E
  • Divinity of Jesus E
  • Literal Resurrection E
  • Full Humanity of Jesus E
  • Nature of the Lords Supper E
  • Common Cup E
  • Justification E
  • Sanctification E
  • Intinction A
  • Disposable Cups at Communion BE
  • Nature of Baptism E
  • Age of Baptism E
  • Mode of Baptism (sprinkling or dunking) A (unless forced to use one mode, then E)
  • Necessity of Holy Spirit Baptism BE
  • Ordination of Women E
  • Ordination of Homosexual People E
  • Sacramental Marriage BE
  • Virgin Birth E
  • Perpetual Virginity of Mary BE
  • Authority of Scripture E
  • Authority of Tradition BE
  • Inerrancy of Scripture E
  • Use of Images in Worship E, BE, or A, depending upon how they are used or forbidden
  • Contemporary Music in Worship BE
  • Specific Translation of Scripture A or BE (unless heretical, then E)
  • Baptismal Regeneration E
  • Decisional Regeneration E (not that I believe it it; but it is an esse)
  • Supralapsarianism/Infralapsariansim (order of decrees) E
  • Human Nature after the Fall BE to E
  • Nature of the Atonement E
  • One Person, two Natures E
  • The Filioque BE
  • Church Membership for Practicing Homosexual People E or A — Church membership for any practicing sinners?
  • Millennium BE
  • Primacy of the Word E
  • Beer E!
  • Dancing BE
  • Playing Cards BE
  • Swearing BE
  • Premarital Sex BE
  • Postmarital Sex BE
  • Healing continues BE
  • Tongues continue BE
  • Literal Hell E
  • Literal Devil E
  • The Rapture BE
  • Apocrypha (inclusion in Canon) A
  • James (inclusion in Canon) A
  • Revelation (inclusion in Canon) A
  • Private Confession BE
  • Burial versus Cremation A
  • Divorce BE
  • Entire Sanctification BE



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