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Doctrinal differences are important to the Lutherans because at the root of every false doctrine is the devil, seeking to destroy the Gospel.

Monday, January 31, 2005 AD

Why I don't like reading non-Lutheran Christian blogs...

...they foster denominational relativism. They are "The Fluffy". They waste my time.

Mr. Chris Atwood (of Here We Stand) has some strong kung-fu! Check out comment 5, the second paragraph or read it here:
When I chose a church in my neighborhood there are 4 things I won’t compromise on: 1) the authority and sufficiency of Scripture (oops there goes the liberal Protestant churches); 2) justification by faith alone (oops there goes the Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglo-Catholics); 3) The Real presence of Christ’s true body and blood in the sacrament; and 4) Baptismal regeneration (oops there goes all the Reformed and Revivalist Protestants). So I find with these four principles, which aren’t complicated, which aren’t based on ambiguous or hard to interpret passages, but on clear and strong Biblical statements, that suddenly only conservative Lutherans are with me. I really wish it were otherwise, I really do. But if that’s the way it is, then let God be true and every man a liar. (I do believe it is a scandal that the conservative Lutheran community is divided into LCMS and WELS/ELS communions; (this I believe is schism and unnecessary division).


Sunday, January 30, 2005 AD

Dan the Geologist...

...has a nice post on the right-hand of the Church.

Lutherans are Evangelicals

Lutherans are Evangelicals
Originally uploaded by Terrible_Swede.
I would highly recommend Dr. Veith's (Strong Kung-Fu) book SPIRITUALITY of the CROSS. Its subtitle is The Way of the First Evagelicals.

Why does he say this? What does this mean?

In the section "The Original Evagelicals", Dr. Veith says:

A better term for "Lutheran" spirituality is "evangelical" spirituality. The term "evangelical" is simply a term derived from the Greek word for "Gospel", which in turn literally means "good news." "Evangelical" means someone who focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news that Christ, through His death and resurrection, has won forgiveness for sinful human beings and offers salvation as a free gift.
Today the term "evagelical" is used to refer to a wide variety of more-or-less conservative Protestants...
In the years following the Reformation, "evagelicals" were those who followed Luther, as opposed to "reformed," who followed Calvin...
Even today in Europe, churches that follow a Lutheran theology call themselves not "Lutherans" - a term Luther himself hated - but "Evangelical."...
Though others are entitled to call themselves "evangelicals," Lutherans are at least the first evangelicals.

The side picture of this blog jumps to my home church where some true evagelicals are.

Saturday, January 29, 2005 AD

The footer of this web log (blog)...

...has one of my favorite poems:

O, Man of Doubt!

When in doubt do not ask,
"Who am I?"
For this provides hours of futility.

O, Man of Doubt, the question should be,
"Whose am I?"
And the answer solidifies the most restless soul,
"I am His - purchased with blood."

by the Terrible Swede
Copyright 2000

Friday, January 28, 2005 AD

My subtitle rules...

...but this quote from Martin Luther should be the subheader of Here We Stand:

"I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, Self."

Around the world...

...Steve Fossett with the "Global Flyer" will attempt to fly around the world with a tentative date of Sunday, February 6th, from our own backyard in Salina, Kansas', airport. My wife and I may go to see the launch. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Nick for the heads-up.

Thursday, January 27, 2005 AD

From News for Nerds...

...MSNBC is reporting that an asteroid has been named after Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fame. Fittingly, the asteroid carried the provisional designation 2001 DA42, thus commemorating the year of his untimely death, containing his initials, and incorporating the famous answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

BTW, the answer is 42.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005 AD

I've taken one of my favorite pictures...

..."Body and Blood Transcend Time" and placed it under "About This Blog" and made the picture a hyperlink to Article X of the Augsburg Confession or Augustana. Try it. Click the picture!

Monday, January 24, 2005 AD

The World Mag Bunnie...

...has some good pix from the Pro-Life rally in D.C. Here's my favorite!

Hermann Sasse, Kung-Fu Master (1895-1976) said this...

...What would have happened if in the second century Basilidians, Valentinians, Marcionites and Catholics, Montanists, Theodotians, and Modalist had had a roundtable discussion and said this: For the sake of missions, let us bury the war hatchet. As followers of Jesus we desire nothing other that to follow the Master, to build one church in which everyone may carry on his particular tradition within the realm of a common truth, over against the one Lord of the one church. What would have come of the church of the fourth and fifth centuries if, for the sake of the mission task, it had not battled through the Arian , Homousian, Nestorian, Monophysite, Pelagian, and followers of Augustine had allowed themselves simply to be united in one great ecclesiastical communion? This question is posed in order to find the only answer which can be given to it: Today the church would simply no longer exist. The church would have been ruined. Just as a man whose kidneys no longer eliminate poisons which have accumulated in the body will die, so the church will die which no longer eliminates heresy.

From "The Question fo the Church's Unity on the Mission Field," 1946.

Reason for the change...

...is I wanted my blog to be more internet browser friendly. Looks good on Safari, Firefox and newer versions of IE. Our PowerBook G4 came with IE 5.?. Old!



Sunday, January 23, 2005 AD

What do you think...

...of the new look? I've got more tweaking to do including Haloscan, again.

Saturday, January 22, 2005 AD

I'm helping my wife do chores ...

...around the home and we're listening to NPR's "Wait, wait...Don't tell me!" I hear the most incredible statistic: One in seven men use make-up, if it would get them a raise. WTF? That means that 1.43 of the men at Here We Stand use make-up! Maybe that 1.43 man could call my wife for supplies?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005 AD

I like this quiz...

You scored as Visual/Spatial. You probably feel at home with the visual arts, maps, charts, and diagrams. You tend to think in images and pictures. You learn best by looking at pictures and slides, watching videos or movies, and visualizing. People like you include sculptors, painters, surgeons and engineers.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with QuizFarm.com

I don't like the colors, though - too girly. Got the quiz from this Kung Fu Master in Training.

Family and Friends visit to St. George's Eastern Orthodox in ICT-KS...

Here is a link to the visit.

Here is a link to the pix.

Monday, January 17, 2005 AD

It is stupifying (one of my favorite Disturbed songs)...

...Going to church to be "active" or pressing people to be "active" in order to participate (read Purpose-Driven fecal matter) is a sign that the true purpose of the church is missed. "Active" church people often prevent people needing church from getting to worship. If faith or worship is based on "activeness" then I may be in plenty trouble. I do not enter a church to be "active": I go to worship. Any activity I pursue is to prune back the attempts by the "active" to place new law in the church. I am sick of active people. Go to your jobs, your vocations. Don't change sound teaching.


...are in order to Dan the Geologist's sister, Christine on her recent engagement. Dan says he's always the last to find out. I will agree with my wife that he is just in denial that his baby sister is getting married.


...to the blogsphere my brother-in-law, Nick. He's titled his blog: "Beer, Sex, Sports, Cars or Anything Else." Sixtygunner is a good blogspot address. Topics any man loves. Nice.

The slumbering giant...

...awakens from his drunken stupor.