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Sunday, January 01, 2006 AD

Since Scotch Is For Lutherans...

...by Simon Samuel Schmucker has few posts of satire, I've had to find my fix from other places. One of those places is by David B. of "Cross-wise" fame and the creator of Horn Swoggled, a memorable blog - with a more frequent rate.

Here's some of my favorite posts of his:

1. A spoof of the Issues, Etc.:

"We're trying to love [program host] Todd Wilken as our Lord commanded," said pastor Jay Smiley, one of eight co-chairpersons of Lutherans for Social Peace. "But for the life of us, we just can't understand why he has to go around making an issue out of everything.

"If the Lutheran church is going to be an effective messenger of the Gospel, it has to be less about the issues, and more about the et cetera."

Asked about his vision for the show, Smiley said he believes Wilken could take the program in many different directions. "Has he thought about recipes?" Smiley asked. "Unchurched people have to eat, too, and I think KFUO could really reach an untapped market there."

2. Waiting on the Lord: In this post, a pastor stops delivering sermons because 'he's waiting on the Lord'. The scary thing is there are a few actual Lutherans (the charismatic type) that believe this BS.

3. Church Schedule Shuffle: This satire piece pokes at the churches in America that are actually cancelling church because it's Christmas. Sounds a little b-ass ackward to me.

4. The Lutheran Carnival: In this satirical piece, there is much ado about nothing. A Lutheran youth pastor thinks the next youth gathering will be on a ship. Check it!

5. "And then there was one.": Want to get holy? Try some one-on-one with God.

6. Church Growth Observations: Another favorite of mine because it involves two of my favorite subjects: the church and aviation:

"What kind of an airline runs a plane at 85% capacity?" asked Bewegung. "I'll tell you what kind -- a failing one!

"If we ran LifePoint Church like they run their airline, we'd be out of business in 6 months," he said. "You can't keep offering a service when it's obvious you're not giving enough people what they want."

Overall, I look forward to more posts at Horn-Swoggled in 2006.



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