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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 AD

Two To The Two...

Four jobs I have had (in chronological order)

* Lab Technician (Wichita State Univ)

* Avionics Airman (KS AirNG)

* Aircraft Airman (USAF)

* Lab Technician (Westminster, CO)

Four places I have lived (chronologically)

* Wichita, KS

* Lindsborg (Little Sweden), KS

* Clovis, NM

* Arvada, CO

Four of my favorite foods:

* Mediterranean Pizza = (roasted chicken & shrimp, roasted garlic, red & yellow peppers and OLIVES!)

* Hot Wings (no sweet sauces plz!)

* My wife's meatloaf (this is actually first)

* Big-ass hamburgers

TV shows that I like to watch:

* Stargate SG-1

* Stargate Atlantis

* Battlestar Galactica

* Southpark

Four Movies I could watch over and over:

* Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2

* The Matrix Trilogy (my little brother calls me Morpheus!)

* Tie: Pulp Fiction or Sin City

* Tie House of a 1000 Corpses or The Devil's Rejects

Four places I would rather be:

* Our marriage bed

* At a math/physics/engineer/Lutheran lecture

* At a place of books (libraries and bookstores)

* In an aircraft laboratory where I can avoid people and smell avgas and play with technical shit - break airplanes

Four websites I visit:

* http://mathworld.wolfram.com/

* http://www.bookofconcord.org

* http://www.google.com

* http://slashdot.org

Four people I would like to TAG?

* My lovely wife

* Kung Fu Master Aardvark

* Rob of Love & Blunder

* Kung Fu Masters in Training: Tim and Michael of Balaam's Ass

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