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Thursday, February 02, 2006 AD

Did I Say That?

A portion of what was said on Table Talk IRC WRT the SOTU:

[21:03] DanAtNR: wow that didn’t seem that long
[21:05] Kobra: I think it was a good speech.
[21:05] DanAtNR: did he say the H- word?
[21:06] Kobra: Hamas?
[21:06] DanAtNR: aye
[21:06] Kobra: Yes.
[21:06] DanAtNR: I missed that
[21:06] Kobra: He said that Hamas must “recognize Israel, disarm, and work for peace.”
[21:06] DanAtNR: heh
[21:07] ScariSwede: let them fight their own wars
[21:07] DanAtNR: Unleash Isreal and Win Peace, to quote Limbaugh.
[21:07] ScariSwede: israel can take care of itself w/o american dispensationalism
[21:08] ScariSwede: american dispensationalism is the driving force to support israel not democracy

HT: Rough Dan



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