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Thursday, March 09, 2006 AD

This Is My Current Toy I'm Playing With...

It's called a Magneto-Optical Imager or MOI. You can read more here.

Yeah, those are virtual goggles. They are really cool.

From the intro page of the MOI:

Magneto Optic Imaging technology has made major contributions to the
nondestructive inspection of aging aircraft for cracking and corrosion. The MOI
was developed for imaging anomalies in ferrous and non-ferrous materials using
magneto-optic visualization. The MOI produces real time images of surface and
subsurface defects and subsurface corrosion in metals. Major aircraft
manufacturers have approved the technology for use. The US Air Force (Swede
commentary: Go Air Force!
) and Navy (Swede commentary: They wear
faggoty white uniforms
), major airlines and maintenance facilities are
using the MOI for inspection of their aircraft. It is also being used in
inspections for hidden corrosion in various aircraft skins and coverings such as
de-icing tape. This non-destructive testing method gives the inspector the
ability to quickly generate real-time eddy current images of large surface

You can get the whole package under $40K. After all the prep work (calculations for differenct frequencies and eddy currents - usually two passes - a deep one for corrosion another for cracks) is done it is a very fast inspection.



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