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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 AD

You Know I Don't Like To Talk Much...

...But sometimes out of respect I listen and converse.

Our lab is huge - it's an aircraft hanger with some smaller offices dotted here and there. Aluminum I-beams are structured around the aircraft that are destructively tested. It really is a big-boy erector set. The guys responsible for that set-up are the called the "structural test lab". The majority of the folks there are old - in there 50's and 60's.

Sometimes I get "caught" by one of them and they like to talk my ear off. Now, if I'm not busy, I respectfully listen and converse. These dinosaurs and giants have seen aviation blossom and have a zillion stories to tell you. But when I'm busy, I have to either avoid the "talkers" or when trapped say, "Sir/Ma'am, I really need to go and get working on my project or experiment. Sorry, I have to cut this short."

So listening to your elders or respectfully backing out of convo (not that that breaks my heart or shed a tear) really is just part of growing up.



  • If my memory serves me correctly, you just turned 34. You are inching dangerously close to inclusion in their group. Beware.

    By Blogger Nick, at 3/09/2006 6:08 AM  

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