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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 AD

Back Tracking A Little...

Good full beer. 1 pint 0.9 fluid ounces. 6.0% ABV. Camra Gold Medal 2001 (A British award?) Around Mary: A beautifully executed bottle-conditioned ale. Split this one with Dan the Geologist on my birthday. UPC: 62067 02810.

To the right of Mary: RCH Brewery. West Hewish. Weston-Super-Mare. Hand brewed ales. Ale Mary is bottle-conditioned by Wessex Craft Brewers. The ale, therefore, contains live yeast and matures naturally in a bottle, producing the sparkle and complexity of a cask conditioned ale. Store upright in a cool place and pour gently to avoid disturbing the natural sediment. (Swede comment: some people like the sediment - I'm impartial.)

To the left of Mary: Ale Mary - A dark, rich spicy bottle-conditioned ale, resonant with Christmas seasonal flavours (spelling error :P ) and designed to take the chill off the coolest winter night. Ale Mary has a warm and sweet aroma of cloves, corriander and ginger. The palate provides touches of rum, raisins and sultanas, with a dry fruity finish. This ale has been exclusively brewed for us by Paul Davey of RCH Brewery.

Does anyone know what the Camra Gold Medal is?



  • CAMRA is the Campaign for Real Ale. As far as I know, it's a british organization that promotes "real ale" which has a number of regulations, mainly that it has no added carbonation except what occurs from fermentation. it is made locally somehow (not a big ol' factory in other words). In general, where CAMRA shows up on a label or a sign, good beer will be found. I discovered that first hand when I was in England and stumbled across the 32nd annual Cambridge Beer Festival in Jesus Green, sponsored by CAMRA. Real Ale Rocks.

    By Blogger Sean, at 4/19/2006 7:41 PM  

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