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Sunday, April 02, 2006 AD

Remember As A Kid You'd Play 'Operation'?

Well, now you can play doctor with Darth Vader. It's a game that will test your hand-eye coordination as well as the force in you. ;)

From the site:

Darth Vader is in need of repairs´┐Ż better operate quick! This classic Operation game is reborn with the addition of Darth Vader on the table! Dig deep into the Dark Lord of the Sith by removing his symbols of power: he's got Deflecting Palm, Ominous Breathing, Rebel Scum Detector, Deadly Duel, and many more! Don't set off the buzzer, or the Dark Lord of the Sith's eyes will light up and you will hear him scream in pain! "NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!"



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