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Sunday, April 02, 2006 AD

Second of All: My Comments at Beggar's All...

...Is as follows:

At 3/27/2006 11:09 PM, The Terrible Swede said...

Another dumbass calvinist blogger proporting more lies on the Holy Eucharist.

BTW, Tim the Enchanter, your first link doesn't seem to work.

Was this on purpose, sir?


At 3/28/2006 9:11 AM, Tim the Enchanter said...

No, the dead link is a genuine glich. Sorry.

Did his post mention the Eucharist?

Oh, and the Calvinist brother who shares our name seems quite intelligent.



At 4/02/2006 9:32 PM, The Terrible Swede said... Dear Tim the Enchanter,

No, his post did not mention the Eucharist. (But he does discuss it on his main blog.)

But the copy-cat "Beggar's All" blogger is a calvinist and that implies a certain theology - a theology that is wrong and inconsistent.

You and the others of the real "Beggar's All" point out the follies of "evangelicalism". Please don't forget to point out the same follies of calvinism, sir.



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