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Monday, September 04, 2006 AD

Keepin' Track Of Family and Friends Events...

...My naughty hottie and I have a Power Book G4. This is my first Mac and I love it; her n-th mac. I wish I knew more about Mac's but don't care to spend the time learning - I'd rather teach myself home-brewing beer. Anyway, one of the default products of Mac is i-Calendar. I was able to have different events for my wife, myself, our family and friends in different colors and filter which calendar we wanted to see. I thought it was good - but not great. I was not able to see the calendar from any location. Most locations have internet access school, work and home. We also were not satisfied by Yahoo and Outlook Web Access. I abhor MS products and I wish to some day spend some time learning the open-source shit that's out there.

I was one of those who was waiting for Google to make a calendar. It's out and in full running. Here's a primer of the Google calendar. It reminds of i-calendar because of the layout and colors. I can filter events and other calendars. We can even get reminders on our cell phone. Good shit.



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