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Monday, October 30, 2006 AD

You Know My Plate Is Full...

...At school, at work and at home.

But every so often something "eats at me" and I break my busy routine and blog.

Hence, this post.

I've said this before here.

Now, another Lutheran clergyman forsakes his vows and goes East. I don't know Mr. Fenton and don't care to. He is a chicken-shit. Hopefully, the fall-out will be minimal.

He gives up a proper balance of Law and Gospel that Lutherans have for a life of Law in EO. Eastern Orthodoxy reminds me of my non-denominational charismatic past. A life of Law without knowing the sweetness of the Gospel.

Any way, I've got a plane to break, math proofs that need editing, and a wife to love.



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