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Monday, November 06, 2006 AD

Albrecht Durer or "A.D."...

...Is one fascinating artist - his self portraits. We see his artwork every week in our church bulletins. Pr. Brockman likes to use his woodcuts a lot. Pr. Brockman shared with us a book by Durer last Sunday in our Bible hour class. Here's the cover of the book:

We loved it so much we bought our own copy of it here and picked it up yesterday.

Why are Lutherans sympathetic to Durer? Because he was symapthetic to Luther. From Wiki:

"It is clear from his writings that Dürer was highly sympathetic to Luther, and he may have been influential in the City Council declaring for Luther in 1525. However, he died before religious divisions had hardened into different churches, and may well have regarded himself as a reform-minded Catholic to the end."

Wiki says he even did some mathematics. He was a Renaissance Man - a dying breed today.



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